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Belief & Values

Stefani Longshamp

We are makers and idea generators. Inspired by untamed imaginations, we believe that boundaries are for pushing, boxes are for leaping out of and stories are foundations for magic. Through creativity, we thrive.


We are fueled by a genuine love of play. Sparked by big dreams and lofty goals, our enthusiasm is undeniable, our passion for our craft is deep-rooted and our curiosity is everflowing. Through play, possibilities are endless.


We are moved by creating things that matter. Motivated by connecting deeply and working collaboratively, we create work that leaves legacies, make differences that compel change and nurture relationships that last lifetimes. Through impact, we collectively inspire.


We are Recess.

We create, play, impact.

Max Reinert


Create and innovate with passion. Infuse creativity in everything. Always. Challenge convention & question the status quo.


Let your inner child loose. Speak and act honestly, authentically, and with heart. Collaborate with likeminded people.


Do meaningful work. Achieve results that exceed expectations. Make the world better.

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