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Bruno Mars

Game Boy


Bruno Mars' 24K Magic album was influenced by early 90’s R&B music. To throw back to this era, we wanted to create something for Bruno that would allow him to reminiscent about this time period. The 90's was dominated with the rise of video games and the original Game Boy was made popular during this time. We wanted to go back in time but also make the gift current with a customized 24k and planet Mars themed Game Boy. The kit packaging resembles a solid block of gold while the customized Game Boy and cartridges used a technique called "swirl painting/dip" to achieve the planet Mars effect. The three games with customized illustrated labels include: Tetris, Super Mario Land and WWF Superstars (Bruno's name derived from the wrestler Bruno Sammartino).


Illustration: Cam Miller

Award: 2019 EAMC Award

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