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Kyle Lowry
NFT Collection


Through My Eyes, Kyle Lowry Championship NFT Collection celebrates the two-year anniversary of the championship parade. The events of that day were incapsulated in 7 unique NFT’s created by artist Corbin Portillo and art directed by Kyle Lowry. The collection was showcased on an interactive website that contained personal stories voiced by Kyle that accompanied each NFT artwork. The collection dropped on June 29, 2021 on MakersPlace and consisted of Open Editions, Limited Editions and 1 Ultra Rare NFT. The highest bidder for each NFT received a tangible acrylic print of the artwork. The winner of the Ultra Rare NFT was gifted a signed Kyle Lowry sneaker framed within a 1 of 1 digital box.

Artist: Corbin Portillo

Motion Designer/3D Artist: Julius Manalo

Sound Designer: Stephen Barden

Website: Inklab

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