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Globally, 2018 had been marked Nelson Mandela's Centenary, as it would have been the year he turned 100. In tandem with global celebrations, Giants of Africa and the Nelson Mandela Foundation celebrated this milestone with an evening gala titled Mandela 100. The evening gala that celebrated the life and work of Nelson Mandela was held at Rebel in Toronto, consisting of 800 people and special guests that travelled from all over the world. Playing with a predominantly black and white colour theme, elements are bold yet elegant, strong but humble. The tech driven atmosphere of the venue is contrasted with softer organic tones and complemented with tactile textures. Elements and experiences from the African culture are sprinkled throughout the space to bring the feeling of the continent to the gala. As part of the celebration, Dr. Auma Obama, Josephine Kulea and Amadou Fall were honoured and were presented with custom boxing gloves to symbolize Mandela's fighting spirit and him as an amateur boxer. The Mandela 100 celebrations continued the next day with the Raptors vs 76ers game at Scotiabank Arena where various elements were branded.


Set Designer: Caitlin Doherty

Illustrated Animation: JonJon

Motion Graphics Package: Collaboration with MLSE Design Group

Photography: Alex Chan, Jamal Burger, Charlie Lindsay, Kevin Couliau

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