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Sauti Kuu

Court Design


In collaboration with Sauti Kuu Foundation, Giants of Africa constructed and designed a new court in the town of Alego, Kenya. The court is the first of it's kind in the community and is meant to empower the youth through sports. The overall vision of the court is to provide the youth with a facility that they can call their own. It is a visual representation of the community where the youth can go realize their potential. We wanted to design a court that celebrates the rich Kenyan culture and reflect the energy of the youth in the community. The words Sauti Kuu means "Powerful Voices" and the pattern in the key is a graphic representation of the vibrations from the voice of the youth. As the voice and vibrations grow, the community grows as one like an echo that spreads. The plus signs represent positivity and the potential of the youth. The orange colour represents the primary colour of Sauti Kuu Foundation and the red ties back to the country colour of Kenya. As part of the court launch on July 16th, 2018, special guests including President Barack Obama and youth in the community took part in a mini basketball camp to inaugurate the court. 


Design: Collaboration with Kevin Couliau

Photography: Kevin Couliau

Videography: Due Pinlac, Mark Vallena

Editor: Due Pinlac

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