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Shania Twain



To welcome Shania home to Canada, we created a custom painted leather jacket to celebrate her journey to this day. The illustration is based on the concept of a Queen of hearts playing card to represent Shania being the Queen of Canada. Just like a playing card, an illustration of Shania is shown right side up and and flipped upside down. This symbolizes the accomplishments and hardships that Shania has gone through. The words surrounding Shania are of her accomplishments and what she's known for contrasted by the things that people may not know of her, which are some adversities she has gone through in recent years. The leopard pattern in the middle that bridges the illustration together is a motif that reoccurs throughout her career and symbolizes the constant and stability on her journey. The bottom of the jacket features the title of her hit single Life’s About To Get Good from her new album. The line also acts as a sign off that tells the story of the past, present and the future that is to come.


Illustration: Cam Miller

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